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A Discussion of the Exhibition Missouri Women: Suffrage to Statecraft in SHSMO’s Art Gallery

WHEN: June 18, 6:00pm
WHERE: Online via Zoom

As America celebrates the centennial of the 19th Amendment that gave women the vote, join us for the second of two programs that provide a deep dive into women's suffrage in Missouri. After a short video tour of the current SHSMO exhibition, Missouri Women: Suffrage to Statecraft—a collaboration with the Missouri Historic Costume and Textile Collection—radio host Kevin Walsh will interview art curator Joan Stack and MHCTC curator and collection manager Jean Parsons and Nicole Johnston about the various clothing, artwork, and objects on display. Online and free. Registration is required.

Missouri Women: Suffrage to Statecraft


The Missouri Historic Costume and Textile Collection and the State Historical Society of Missouri commemorate the centennial anniversary of women’s suffrage with the collaborative exhibition Missouri Women: Suffrage to Statecraft. Displays include related clothing and artwork from statewide collections that highlight roles of Missouri women in the national suffrage movement, as well as trailblazing women in Missouri politics after ratification. During the opening reception, enjoy pop-up performances by students in MU Theatre’s concurrent production Votes for Women!

Saturday, March 14
Center for Missouri Studies, 605 Elm Street
Questions? Please contact MHCTC Collection Manager Nicole Johnston at (573) 884-5001 or or the Center for Missouri Studies at (573) 747-6366.


Paul Pepper: Joan Stack and Nicole Johnston, "Missouri Women: Suffrage to Statecraft"
March 6, 2020

Make plans to visit the Center for Missouri Studies on March 14th for the opening reception of an exhibit titled 'Missouri Women: Suffrage to Statecraft'. The State Historical Society of Missouri's JOAN STACK and Missouri Historic Costume and Textile Collection's NICOLE JOHNSTON tell us how this "collaborative exhibition" will showcase 100 years of progress through various works of art, photography and clothing from all over the state!

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Dr. Parsons and Ms. Johnston talking on radio show

Flora and Fashion Exhibition on KOPN’s Speaking of the Arts
September 13, 2019

MHCTC staff and TAM students Jenny Wu and Chance Zacheis spoke about the Flora and Fashion exhibition and related student designs on the KOPN radio show Speaking of the Arts with Diana Moxon.

a coat made from monkey furPhoto credit: Kate Seaman

Monkey Business: MU Acquires Colobus Coat
Aug. 8, 2019

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The Inferno that Transformed American Labor
Jul. 29, 2019

The aftermath of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire helped usher in higher wages, safer conditions and a prohibition on child labor. But the problems that led to the fire haven’t gone away. Not even close.

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