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An undergraduate minor in Textile and Apparel Management is available for students pursuing a major in other departments. Students who wish to complete a minor should declare the minor by completing the TAM Minor Application. A minimum of 18 credit hours is required with at least six hours at the 2000 level or above. At least 15 of the 18 total hours must be taken in residence at the University of Missouri. Prerequisites for all courses must be met, or the student must have the permission of the instructor. Below are the required hours by content area.

Course No. Course Title Credits
TAM 1200 or
TAM 1300
Basic Concepts of Apparel Design and Production
Softgoods Retailing
TAM 2200 Textiles 3
Interest Area 12

Required Courses:

  • TAM 1200: Basic Concepts of Apparel Design and Production OR TAM 1300 Softgoods Retailing
  • TAM 2200: Science of Textiles

Select 12 hours from list below in consultation with a TAM advisor:

Apparel Industry Studies

  • TAM 2400 Global Consumers
  • TAM 3200 Softgoods Quality Evaluation
  • TAM 4110 Global Sourcing
  • TAM 4400 The Clothing/Textile Consumer: Research & Analysis
  • TAM 4949 Field Training in Clothing and Textiles
  • TAM 4549 International Experiential Learning in Textiles and Apparel
  • TAM 4998 Experiential Learning in Textiles and Apparel

Historical/Behavioral Studies in Dress

  • TAM 2500 Social Appearance in Time and Space
  • TAM 2520 (formerly 3510) Survey of Western Dress
  • TAM 3520 History of 19th and 20th Century Dress

Apparel Merchandising and Retailing

  • TAM 2300 Retail Finance and Merchandise Control
  • TAM 3700 Multi-Channel Retailing
  • TAM 3800 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
  • TAM 4300 Softgoods Brand Management and Promotions
  • TAM 4990 Retail Marketing and Merchandising

Apparel Product Development

  • TAM 2280 Apparel Production
  • TAM 2380 Integrated Apparel Design and Production I
  • TAM 2480 Apparel and Textile Presentation Techniques
  • TAM 2580 Digital Textile and Apparel Applications

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