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Undergraduate Students

Welcome TAM Students

More than 200 undergraduate students are enrolled in the Department of Textile and Apparel Management. The TAM department is part of the College of Arts & Science. Degree options include Apparel Retailing and Digital Merchandising and Apparel Product Development tracks. Apparel Retailing and Digital Merchandising students also receive a minor from the College of Business. That option is also available to Product Development students. A minor in Entrepreneurship is another common option. Freshmen may be admitted directly into the Department of Textile and Apparel Management.

TAM students quickly find the TAM department to be their home away from home. Students often claim that the faculty and staff are conscientious about student needs and often have an open-door policy, which makes access to their advisors more inviting.

Students have many opportunities to grow and learn during their TAM experience. Being involved in student organizations helps you meet other students with similar interests and provides opportunities to meet with faculty in informal settings. Also, prospective employers look at your college activities to determine the leadership, problem-solving, and management skills you have developed.