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Frequently Asked Questions

Degree requirements vary depending on which emphasis area is chosen, and the general education requirements of the College of Arts and Science are followed. These requirements can be obtained from the student services office in the College Arts and Science. Incoming Freshman, with careful planning, may be able to complete both the Merchandising and Marketing and the Product Development options.
No prior experience is required; experiences in a wide array of areas will be presented early on in the program in order to better direct students’ interest areas.
There are endless arrays of options such as buying, marketing, manufacturing, management as well as many others. See the careers page on this website for further details.
TAM does not have courses specifically directed toward design, however we have manufacturing courses that are directed toward the design aspect of the field. Corresponding classes through Stephens College in Columbia are also available for those who what specific design courses to supplement TAM’s marketing, merchandising, manufacturing and international emphases.
College algebra, basic statistics, some basic accounting as well as specific classes depending on your chosen emphasis area.
It is not necessary to be an artist; some classes will require you to be able to communicate basic ideas through sketching basic forms. Computer aided design is also taught.
Internships are not required, however they are a great way to experience all that the industry has to offer and to apply what is learned in your classes. Many companies actively interview on campus for students who wish to apply their knowledge and actively participate in learning all that they can.
Many students choose to study abroad and can do so through many programs from a variety of Universities as well as our own. A large number of areas throughout the world can be chosen as destinations. To learn more, check out MU’s Study Abroad page.
HES Office of Undergraduate Academic Programs and Student Success in 106 Gwynn Hall.
CONTACT: (573) 882-6424 or
Graduation checks are also done in Gwynn 106. Students are assigned a faculty advisor upon entrance into the program who will be happy to instruct and direct their student advisee to their individual track toward graduation.
Graduation gown and cap can be purchased from the MU bookstore during specially designated days when during each semester. Watch for announcements for the graduation fairs that are held each semester in Brady Commons.
The average class size is 40 students ranging from smaller 10-20 person interactive opportunities to some larger lecture style classes that give the feel of the large university and latest in teaching technology.
About 40:1 The College is a personalized and friendly environment, which combines the benefits of being part of a large and respected university, with a smaller school feeling of being able to be recognized and have relationships with faculty, staff and other students.
The TAM department is open and occupied by all sexes, races and ethnicities and reflects the diversity of the university. The ratio of male to female is narrowing every semester.
Many well-respected companies both large and small recruit and hire a large portion of our graduates for positions throughout the country and the world, for many diversified positions.
The TAM department is well established and respected throughout the industry with our world-renowned professors and annual advisory board, which enables us to have constant contact with most aspects of our industry.
Many scholarships from both the department and the college are available for members of the TAM department.
Prospective students should register for a visit through the MU Admissions Office. During your visit, you will have an opportunity to learn more about the University of Missouri, TAM program,  and career opportunities that the major offers as well as meet with a faculty member in TAM. We offer a special visit opportunity for high school students who have been admitted to the University of Missouri considering a major in Textile and Apparel Management at MU’s College of Arts and Science.