Courses Schedules

Two-Year Rotation Plan (2015-2017)

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FALL odd years (2015) SPRING even years (2016)
TAM 8087 Professional Seminar (1 Cr)
(TAM Faculty)
TAM 8140 Advanced Clothing and Textiles Research Analysis (3 Cr) (Norum)
TAM 8190 Survey of Research in TAM (2 Cr)
(TAM Faculty)
TAM 8130 Global Supply Chain Management (3 cr)
TAM 8001 Design Theory (3 Cr)
FALL even years (2016) SPRING odd years (2017)*
TAM 8087 Professional Seminar (1 Cr)
(TAM Faculty)
TAM 8190 Survey of Research in TAM (2 Cr)
(TAM Faculty)
TAM 9500 "Cloth and Human Experience" (3 Cr)
Tentative (depending on faculty availability)
TAM 9190 Theory Dev. & Eval (3 Cr)
  • All TAM graduate students must take 8087, 8190
  • All PhD students must take 8410 and 9190
  • All Product Development/Design students must take Design Theory and Methods
  • Students should take Research Method class and ONE statistics class, prior to TAM 8410
  • For historic research, consider taking JOURN 8036, Historical Methods

Research Method/Stat Courses

Each student will have unique needs for different research method classes as everyone’s research interest might differ. Be sure to discuss choices of courses with your advisors and fellow graduate students. Planning is the best option for successful graduate career. Meanwhile, the following courses are suggested based on the past student experiences. Please read these options carefully and consider these options when planning your course of study.

  • Basic research method course (It may be ideal to take this class when students have some sort of research ideas and want to develop a full proposal, perhaps 3rd semester).
    • Ag_Ed_Ld 8510 (Fall)
    • ESC_PS 8020, great but it is online. Both Fall and Spring
    • Rural Soci 8510 is also online. Both F and S
    • Pub_AF 8180 if students want to study public policy using US Census data (fall)
    • More options on campus
  • Intro to Statistics: For those who never took stats before (This is recommended to all graduate students in their first semester –both qualitative and quantitative. This class sows basic language of statistics.)
  • ESC_PS 7170 – Both Fall and Spring

(The following courses are recommended. All ESC_PS courses must be taken sequentially so much follow this order):

  • ESC_PS: 8850 (Quant Foundation, Spring)
  • ESC_PS 9650 (Multivariate, Spring)
  • ESC_PS: 9710 (SEM, Fall)
  • In addition, JOURN 8016 would be additional advanced RM class that could be beneficial
  • ESC_PS: 8597 (Qualitative I, Spring and Summer)
  • ESC_PS: 9620 (Qualitative II, Fall)


  • Journalism 8008 (Qualitative I, Spring and Fall)
  • Journalism 8010 (Qualitative II, Fall)

In addition, many other additional qualitative research methods are available. Once students take these 2 classes, then they could take any type of qualitative method classes as they are not offered in sequential manners.

  • Pub_AF 8180 (Intro to research, fall)
  • Pub_AF 8181 (Applied regression, spring)
  • Pub_AF 9180 (Research method I, Fall)
  • Pub_AF 9181 (Research method II, spring)
  • Econ 9446 (fall)
  • Econ 9447 (spring)
  • Journalism 8036 (Historical method, spring)

Students may be able to pick and choose different methods. For example,

  • May want to take 4 Quant and 1 or 2 Qual classes
  • May want to take 4 Qual and 1 or 2 Quant classes