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Students should apply for graduate school online. The review process will not start until the application is complete.

The application must be completed and received as follows:

  • January 15 to be considered for university, college and departmental scholarships. Applications will still be accepted after that date. Departmental decisions regarding assistantships will be made during the spring semester of year of application for the Fall semester, and
  • International students should allow at least two semesters before the expected date of registration to allow time for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services requirements. This timeline holds true if the application materials include all of the required materials. Incomplete submission of application materials can result in unwarranted delays.

Applications for both MS and PhD would require the following documents.

  • Test information and Transcripts (You may upload these in the online Graduate School application to expedite review of your application by the program):
    • Your official GRE scores (sent directly from the Educational Testing Service). *GMAT score is not allowed.
    • Your official transcripts from every college or university you have attended (sent directly from the college or university). Evidence of a 3.0 G.P.A.
  • Statement of professional objectives (Upload to the Supplemental Information section of your application): 1-3 pages, addressing the following questions.
    • What are your specific scholarly interests and objectives directly related to the expertise of TAM faculty members? Feel free to include professional and academic experiences.
    • Why do you want to earn the graduate degree for which you are applying?
    • What are your primary strengths that you believe ensure your success in graduate school?
    • What limitations may impede your success in graduate school?
    • What is your overall goal after earning a graduate degree from MU TAM?
  • Three letters of reference/recommendation: Three academic recommendations are required and must be submitted through the Recommendation section online of the Graduate School application.
  • Latest vitae or resume: Please make sure to include the month/year for the start and end dates of all work experience (Upload to the Supplemental Information section of your application).
  • A 2-minute video to show about who you are, why you want to pursue graduate degrees, and what your career goals are
  • Others: If necessary (not required), you may submit a recent writing sample of at least 20 pages in length (Upload to the Supplemental Information section of your application).
  • Others for design students: A digital portfolio is required for design students. It can be submitted via a link to the website or digital storage unit. A portfolio saved in a digital storage unit can be sent directly to the Director of Graduate Studies by mail.

In addition, international students must include:

  • Official TOEFL* scores or IELTS (sent directly from the testing services), the department requires minimum TOEFL scores of 80 IBT and the writing score minimum of 17, or 6.5 of IELTS is recommended. See more information on minimum scores from the Language Requirements of the Graduate Studies office.

*If you received your Master’s degree from TAM at MU and you are applying for PhD, you still have to complete the following:

  • Updated transcripts from MU
  • Updated Statement of professional objectives
  • New letters of reference/recommendation
  • Updated vitae or resume; and
  • Updated Affidavit of Support (International students)

Please contact the Director of Graduate Studies for TAM, Dr. Li Zhao, for more information.