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Kerri McBee-Black, PhD

Kerri McBee-Black

Assistant Professor

137 Stanley Hall
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211
Phone: (573) 882-3849
Vita (PDF)


PhD, University of Missouri; MS, University of Missouri; BS, Columbia College.


Dr. McBee-Black is an Assistant Teaching Professor. She has conducted extensive studies illustrating the impact the lack of appropriate apparel has on full societal participation for people living with disability (PLWD). Her research has included investigating how a lack of appropriate apparel for PLWD impacts workplace participation. In addition, Dr. McBee-Black’s research has explored how marketing terms are used in the online shopping environment impacts the ability of PLWD to find appropriate apparel. Dr. McBee-Black teaches courses in fashion design, textiles, and soft goods quality analysis. She has won numerous teaching awards and serves as an e-mentor to faculty across the MU campus. Dr. McBee-Black earned a Bachelor’s degree in fashion design, a Master’s in Textile and Apparel Management, and a PhD. in Textile and Apparel Management. In the industry, Dr. McBee-Black has worked as a fashion designer, product development team merchandiser, and production manager. Before returning to academia, Dr. McBee-Black worked in social services focusing on policy issues impacting women and families. In 2002, Dr. McBee-Black ran for the Missouri State House of Representatives.

Dr. McBee-Black’s primary research interests involve exploring whether PLWD have access to appropriate apparel allowing for their full societal participation. The areas of her research interests include how adaptive apparel, for PLWD, is marketed and produced in the apparel industry, how apparel brands embrace adaptive apparel, how adaptive apparel impacts the global supply chain, how adaptive apparel impacts apparel brand sourcing strategies, how adaptive apparel is viewed and consumed by PLWD, and social responsibility among apparel brands as it relates to PLWD.